Features: PayPal Pro Integration

PayPal Pro integration for accepting cards directly into the website.

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PayPal Pro Integration is available in the Developer and Platinum versions of the plugin. With PayPal Pro the form can ask for the credit card details and charge it directly into your website without any redirection through the PayPal website. Once the user has filled the form fields and clicks the submit button the payment is processed and the posted data (excluding the credit card related information) is saved into the WordPress database.

* PayPal Pro Integration requires a PayPal Pro account at PayPal.


Enabling addon

Enabling addon

Compatible with PayPal Standard

PayPal Pro and PayPal Standard can be setup into the same form letting the user select which method prefer to submit the payment. PayPal Pro can be easily activated or disabled from the settings area.

PayPal Pro settings

PayPal Pro settings

PayPal Pro settings

The add-on includes a new section in the plugin settings for entering the PayPal Pro keys and changing between the "Sandbox Testing" and "Production" modes. It also allows to enable or disable PayPal Pro separately for each form, allowing to link different forms to different accounts if needed.

Public Form

Pulic Form

PayPal Pro in action

The credit card data is used only to process the payment through the payment API, it isn't stored in the website for keeping it secure. Note that PayPal Pro requires SSL on your own website in order to request the credit card information in a secure way and a PayPal Pro account.